What is iKilimo?

iKilimo - Smart Farming is a mobile based reference tool that will put valuable and easy-to-understand farming information right in the palm of your hand. If you are a small or aspiring farmer, iKilimo is the tool for you. With iKilimo, farmers can share ideas, expertise and knowledge. iKilimo contains everything there is to know about farm life, from animal production to plant production, including information on the market and how to make the most of farm products and by-products.

How can I access the iKilimo app?

You can access the iKilimo app from any internet enabled mobile phone, tablet computer or the traditional computer. Open your browser and type in www.ikilimo.org and you are in! It is important to register with us so that you benefit from personalised service and also get to receive information on products we will be releasing in the future. Registered users are able to receive services and information that is most relevant to them, for FREE. Once you register, please keep your login details confidential.

Who is the target audience of iKilimo?

iKilimo is a service that is primarily targeting the practising farmers, aspiring farmers and the general public at large. Information listed under the Animal Production, Plant Production, High Value Crops and Farm Equipment sections of the app have been designed to make understanding easy. Other sections contain information that will be tailor made for a farmer or individual upon request; this is due to the market prices that may keep changing or the different climate and weather patterns that vary in different regions.

What benefit would users derive from using the iKilimo app?

iKilimo users can benefit from the iKilimo app in several ways:

  1. iKilimo offers trustworthy content explained clearly. iKilimo speaks your language.
  2. iKilimo content covers all your needs to increase your productivity and make the most of t your farm.
  3. iKilimo helps you educate yourself as a research tool for farming and solves problems you may encounter in your farm.
  4. iKilimo is easily accessible through all devices, phones, tablets or computers. It offers expert content right on the palm of your hand.

How can you access farming information in the iKilimo App?

There are several ways through which you can access health information from the iKilimo app. These include:

How to use the search function?

This feature allows you to type your question or keyword and then getting results that are relevant to your search query. The keyword can be a disease, breed or variety . Once you press ‘search’, search results will be displayed and you can then choose the information that is closest to what you are looking for.

How to use the different buttons on the home page ?

iKilimo home page provides easy access to the different fields in farming. Each button is labelled in order to direct you to your area of interest. If you are interested in say, Milk production , one would click on “Animal Production’ section where milk is featured.

What is featured in the Animal Production section?

Is a section containing information on the main farm animals including the care they require, possible diseases and how to handle them, vaccinations needed or housing among many others that will help you to care for your animals.

What is featured in the Plant Production section?

It deals with the most popular crops, their seeds, management, handling or possible pests among others. This section empowers you with all the information you need to ensure a successful harvest.

What is featured in the High Value Crops section?

This section will take you straight to those crops that provide the highest yield with the lowest resources and least favourable conditions. These crops have traditionally been neglected but farmers are rediscovering them again with a great amount of success.

What is featured in the Farm Equipment section?

It provides all the information you needs in relation to the tools used in a farm and how to best care for them with tips on storage, handling, maintenance, where to find the best tools, etc. Tips on health and safety are also available in this section to make sure all the precautions are taken to foster safe farming.

What is featured in the Marketing section?

This section provides information on the money making process, the markets, prices, contacts and everything the farmer needs to make sure their products are out in the market at the best price.

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